The only static imaginable is life, is development - is motion... Jean Tinguely in Kunst ist Revolte, National Zeitung Basel, 1967

Metaphone - the art project is consisting of interactive apparatus, painting technique and sonic art. In first phase pictorial artworks are produced from sound: audio frequency is colour, volume is radius; second part of the project is to listen sound back from the picture - this part is still under development. Additionally there is possibility to work with video and photography, for live performances and for exhibition format.

The project is dedicated to the synthesis of colour and sound, from Igor Stravinsky's relation of rhythm to colour, to Jean Tinguely's machinery and linked to his Métamatic machine works.

Querying whether authorship is shared between artist, observer and artwork, where contemporary art practices such as mixing, open-source, reflection, interaction and collaboration have become a norm. Generative process, interdisciplinary and wide range of traditional and new media are predominant for the Metaphone project.

First exhibited at Open Studios on White Balcony in Royal Institute of Art in Stockholm, Sweden. Process based studio work was implemented and numerous pictorials from sound were produced with water color, ink and acrylics on paper. Environmental Mandala - the project so called according to the first show visitors.

Documented pics with several spiral pattern pictorials and some details are below. By now there are about 50 drawings, some already sold out. Dimensions around 1m x 1m, but also smaller like pocket book size.

Other machines with diverse patterns like spirograph will come out soon and join Metaphone family. We hope for great continuation! is on a way to spread the sonic visual.

Visit the artist's portoflio for more pictures on the project:

Exhibitions of the Metaphone:

2011 - Open Studios, Royal Institute of Art in Stockholm, Sweden. 2012 - Remix, Arka gallery, Vilnius, Lithuania. 2012 - Parawise, Mellanrumet, Stockholm, Sweden. 2012 - Dual Identity, Konstnarshuset, Stockholm, Sweden.